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  • Cosmo Nardozza

5 Benefits to a Backyard Pavilion

Looking for a unique way to spruce up your backyard, increase its functionality and boost your comfort in daily living? You may consider adding a pavilion to your yard. You can put this structure at the edge of your deck or near your pool, but it’s also great by itself. You can even add accessories and amenities such as sliding glass doors, curtains, windows and more. Acting as an extension of your home, a pavilion brings the effects of a sun room to the outdoors.

Here are five top benefits of adding a backyard pavilion. 1.     Practicality When you add a pavilion to your backyard, you add much-needed elegance and class to your landscape. Depending on the type you choose, you can use a pavilion all year long, providing shade in summer and shelter in the cooler months. 2.     Variety When you partner with a company that designs and installs structures like pergolas, pavilions and gazebos, you’re not bound to a generic design or material. Instead, you are treated to a wide variety of shapes, styles and colors. Want cozy and homey? Opt for wood. Don’t want the upkeep? Go for vinyl. If you want modern, surround your pavilion in glass. You can even use bricks for support and added aesthetics. When it comes to roofs, choose from metal to wood and anything in between. 3.     Increase in Property Value Investing in your property is always wise. Potential buyers love to picture themselves enjoying their new backyard, and what better way for them to do that than with a pavilion? This is a unique addition to any property, increasing your value and even giving you a little extra bargaining power on asking price. But even if you don’t ever want to sell, a pavilion still adds untold value, increasing your enjoyment and comfort. 4.    Relaxation Perhaps you don’t use your backyard as much as you would like because you hate to be annoyed by bugs, or you don’t have a shady spot to relax with a drink. With a pavilion, you can relax to your heart’s content. Leave it open or screen it in to keep the bugs out: your choice. A pavilion gives you an excuse to get outside to enjoy the fresh air without the inconveniences of the weather and insects. 5.     Recreation A pavilion is always a crowd pleaser. If you love to entertain, this is the way to do it. You can throw any type of gathering, party or get-together and have the perfect space for it. From wine and cheese tastings and small weddings or showers to neighborhood cookouts and block parties, your pavilion is transformed into a fun and inviting environment instantly. Play some relaxing music from the sound system, gather round the pool, put out a spread of burgers and dogs, and generally just kick back and relax – all within a safe and contained area.

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